About Us

Global Arts Academy,

United Kingdom. The Global Arts Academy has put forward a wide range of assessments in dancing, singing, music and painting on an international basis. Global Arts Academy is a multinational organization extending to nearly hundred locations in more than 20 countries. Global Arts Academy has joined hands together with America Muthamil University USA, we will be leading the art and culture faculty in the University. Global Arts Academy in collaboration with America Muthamil University and Jeyanjali International Company in order to publish exam certifications for these multiple arts.

We are global. We are really proud to be one of the exclusive international art academies in the island of UK Our colleagues come from more than 50 nations to have an amazing international experience in the heart of a global metropolis.
Every department Is designed with a global aspect nourishing our artists a worldwide perspective while implanting a desire for innovation, quality, and entrepreneurship in them

Our mission is to prepare global leaders of the future. We believe, through assisting international artists, collaborating with world-class institutions, and advocating for artist mobility, we can achieve them effectively and efficiently.


A creative and inclusive world .
“To build a socially cohesive and culturally harmonious society through preservation and promotion of Globally diverse culture and heritage  by protection and promotion of its art and archaeology.”


Develop, preserve and promote arts, culture and heritage.
“To implement sustainable solution through which Globally diverse tangible and intangible culture and ancient heritage will remain universally accessible.”


GAA in collaboration with AMTU USA, will lead the art and culture faculty for the University. All our courses will be accredited by AMU USA.

Chancellor’s Message


Almost a decade ago, ‘Jeyanjali International’, was inaugurated with a passionate vision to disseminate an ancient art in its purest form. Entrenched in the classical dance form of Barathanatyam, Jeyanjali International strives to preserve the purity of the art that has kept our culture and tradition, so essential, intact. The institute does not compromise on the precision of the style and is constantly exploring new creative ways of bringing out the true essence of the dance form.

Jeyanjali International aims to provide dance education and performance to grant students from diverse backgrounds a chance to experience the performing arts and develop important skills needed for a successful future, in dance and beyond. The Institution offers young people with exceptional dance potential the opportunity to access intensive training, nationally and internationally, to achieve perfection. Jeyanjali International endeavours to be a centre of excellence for the quality of dance education and training it provides.